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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you do drywall repairs?
Answer: Yes

Q: Do you do insurance work?
A:Yes, we do but prefer to be paid directly by the homeowner when we are finished. If we have to fund the insurance work (wait for the insurance check), then our bid will reflect that.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?
A: PA License # PA102673 and $1,000,000 Liability insurance

Q: Do you use Mexicans or illegals?
A: To start with: A "Mexican" is here as a temporary "legal alien" or an "illegal alien", many in the trade of drywall tend to be illegal. There are also Americans that are from Mexico. Most of the illegals are hiding behind the American from Mexico. Some of all three groups do nice work and some do not. It is no different than any other group of people! BUT TO ANSWER THE QUESTION: No, we do not sub-contract out to or employ illegals. Most often the person who bids the job, will hang the job, finish the job and be responsible for the job from start to finish. On bigger jobs, other drywall contractors may come together to get the job done. All whom have proved their work quality. As stated above: Most of your 10 man crews are Mexicans with one of them being legal. He gets the check. The "crew" then is a never ending changing of illegal Mexicans and because it is always changing, the skill level is also! Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's NOT! Last months skill level will not always be this months.

Q: Do you use screws?
A: Yes, but for you old school plasters out there that understand screws aren't the fix all to nail pops, we can nail off everything also.

Q: Do you use glue?
A: YES, it's very important to use glue. You can glue and screw a 12' x 4' x 5/8" board on a ceiling, leave it for a day or 2, come back and remove ALL the screws and it will not move. Yes, we have done it! To get that piece down, it will be coming down in pieces.

Q: What size board do you use?
A: All size board: 8', 9', 10', 12', 14', 16' and 12' x 54". We will order the best sized drywall for your job. Using the right sized boards will eliminate joints providing a stronger finished product and the finisher loves less joints.

Q: What sized jobs do you do?
A: No job is too big or too small. You can visit the "Completed Job Pictures" web page to see some of the jobs.

Q: How long will it take to hang and finish "X" amount of board?
A: Every house is different. That question can be better answered when you get a free drywall estimate. A house that has all 8' high ceilings is always quicker than one with 18' 8" high foyers.

Q: How long will it take to hang and finish "X" sized house?
A: Every house is different and no, square footage of a house really does not help to answer that question. Because you could have a 9000 S.F. home that has no inside walls or it could be a maze inside. The only info a drywall contractor gets from the square footage is an estimated area of perimeter walls.

Q: How small of a job will you do?
A: No job is too small and you have nothing to loose with our free estimates!

Q: How many years have you been in the trade of drywall?
A: As of 2016, Brody has 20+ years of "on-the-books" drywall contracting experience, but was in the trade well before that. Brody was trained in drywall by Barry Sidesinger (Superior Drywall) and many others could be listed that come from the same group of drywallers.

Q: What areas do you work in?
A: Use the drop down box to the left of "Frequently Asked Questions" of this page, if you find your state and county, then we are in range of your house/project. If you click on your state/county it will take you to a website built for that region. Remember, what is "in range" to a contractor is usaully not "in range" to someone who is not into construction. So don't assume you are too far. If you can not find your area, send us email to find out for sure.

Q: If I already hung the drywall, will you tape, mud, and finish the job?
A: Maybe, the only way to find out is to get a free drywall estimate.

Q: I know how to finish or already have a finisher, will you just hang the drywall and let me tape, mud and finish it?
A: Yes.

4 Sets of Completed Job Pictures have Been Added  –  The Jobs included a basement, 2 Homes with water damage and another older city home being renewed.  All Job Pictures can be seen at

7 sets of photos added to Completed Job Pictures.  2 of the job were from a fire burnout in York City.  The link to the Fox News story about the fire is:

2 New Sets of Completed Pictures Added –  One was an old horse hair plaster ceiling that had a roof leak on it and the plaster let loose, it can be seen here: The Second was a unfinished basement that was hung and finished, it can be seen here:

Another Basement Completed – Pro Drywall Contractors installs drywall and finished another basement located in York County, PA.  Pictures can be seen here:

Phase 2- Renewing a Home – Fixing up the interior of an existing home is a great way to improve the looks and value of an existing home.  In one of the recent homes Pro Drywall Contractors had the chance to improve the existing walls and ceilings that were cracked and textured, the homeowner wanted … Continue reading Phase 2 – Renewing a Home

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