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Pro Drywall Contractors also provides gympsum board finishing, sometimes even when someone else hung it. However we always prefer to hang and finish our own work or contractors we have already worked with but things happen. Some of you homeowners may even know the correct methods for drywall installs.

Something to think about though. There has been times when we would not finish the sheetrock because of how it was hung. If we fixed it, usually it would have been cheaper for you just to have us hang it. The other option is: we will finish it "as is" but there will be an agreement that we are not liable for any problems. The same as if the foundation of the house is bad, then everthing else built upon it will also be so. The drywall is the foundation of the finishing. Many think they can "hang" drywall but until you can finish that same drywall, you still got some learning to do about your hanging! If you know how to hang and finish it, then I guess we should not be hearing from you, eh?

If we agree to go ahead and finish the project, then we WILL back up our work if there is any problems, unless otherwise talked about.

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4 Sets of Completed Job Pictures have Been Added  –  The Jobs included a basement, 2 Homes with water damage and another older city home being renewed.  All Job Pictures can be seen at

7 sets of photos added to Completed Job Pictures.  2 of the job were from a fire burnout in York City.  The link to the Fox News story about the fire is:

2 New Sets of Completed Pictures Added –  One was an old horse hair plaster ceiling that had a roof leak on it and the plaster let loose, it can be seen here: The Second was a unfinished basement that was hung and finished, it can be seen here:

Another Basement Completed – Pro Drywall Contractors installs drywall and finished another basement located in York County, PA.  Pictures can be seen here:

Phase 2- Renewing a Home – Fixing up the interior of an existing home is a great way to improve the looks and value of an existing home.  In one of the recent homes Pro Drywall Contractors had the chance to improve the existing walls and ceilings that were cracked and textured, the homeowner wanted … Continue reading Phase 2 – Renewing a Home

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